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Being happy is something that we all want to be! Making someone happy is a noble deed, and making children happy is just the best thing that anyone can ever do. That is exactly what The Happy Ambassador does, and they do it so beautifully that the inner child in you will also get awakened and you would want to be a part of everything that they do.

Founded by Ms.Titta Kote, from Finland (The world’s happiest country) The Happy Ambassador is a concept that aims to, in the most basic sense of the term, spread happiness to all the kids of the world. And this is just the tip of an iceberg, which is almost like the best ice-cream a child is guaranteed to fall in love with. What they do, how they do it, what are their concepts, and how do they plan to make all the children of this world, HAPPY, is exactly what we are going to discuss today. So, let’s get started:

What is The Happy Ambassador?

The Happy Ambassador is a concept in which children aged 3-8 years old are provided with multisensory learning content in their early education years. This is done through animated fairytale adventure stories of the most adorable character, created by Ms. Titta, which is a ladybug boy who lives with his mom and dad in a large leaf forest and goes on adventures throughout the world.

The Happy Ambassador

This happy ladybug boy (shown above) is the main character in all of the stories and through those very adventure tales, Ms.Titta has created this fun world, where kids can learn so much that you may not even believe that all this is possible through animation stories.

In its early stages, The Happy Ambassador created books, soft toys, and special organic scented candles to give the children a multisensory fun learning experience. Two books each, for the age groups 0-3 and 3-8 years have for years given the children stories that they have enjoyed reading. Ms.Titta has been working super hard to expand the concept by adopting the latest technologies and her biggest dream came true when the production of animation adventure stories began. 


What all can The Happy Ambassador do for your kids?

This is the most basic question that comes to any parent’s mind when they are getting ready to introduce something new to their child. And we can assure you, that with The Happy Ambassador, your kid is going to become so happy, so healthy, so kind, so culturally aware, so compassionate, so active and so much more. YES!! I am certainly not boasting here. Just hang in there, let me tell you and then you can decide for yourself. 🙂

The Happy Ambassador’s motto is “Happiness, joy and big dreams! Their stories are woven and narrated in such a manner that the kids will be able to learn the importance of movement, exercise, patience, love, kindness, happiness in life through a fun learning experience. The programs of The Happy Ambassador concept are based on Finnish educational and pedagogical concepts and the focus is on having fun in a non-competitive environment.

Children learn more about sports and different cultures of the world through unique virtual experiences and the multisensory approach of the concept makes sure that children learn in their own unique ways. Their main products are the animated fairy tale adventure stories, through which children learn and become happy, just like The Happy Ambassador. 

This noble concept has been spreading smiles, joy, happiness, and courage to dream big to the Finnish children since 2013, when it was formed as an Ltd Company by Ms. Titta Kote.

Ms.Titta has visited various kindergartens, children clubs, events, festivals, and hospitals. She even took part in some of the International Book fairs and festivals of different kinds held in Germany, Bulgaria, and Dubai. She is the driving force behind all the success of The Happy Ambassador.

Now, I am sure you must be eager to know more about this Wonder Woman, and so next up is the story of how a mother’s bedtime stories took the shape of this Global Concept that is aiming to spread joy among children.

From tough times to towering heights…

When you see the inspiring smile on Ms.Titta’s face, you can never know what all she might have endured to reach this level. She is the warmest, kindest, and an amazingly motivating lady, who is so passionate about her heart’s calling that you are bound to feel it in your own hearts.

I have had the pleasure of talking to her about this concept and the way she speaks about it is just heartwarming, and that may also be an understatement to be true.

This level of passion for a purpose comes from a life that has seen struggles, and which has come a long way to reach where it is today. In 2004, Ms.Titta found herself in one of those lowest phases of life where she did not know what to do.

At the time, being a single working mom to a baby boy made her gather all the strength that she could. She recalls that there were times when she was so tired (because of all the hard work she was doing to give a loving childhood to her son) that she was not able to pick up a book from the floor to narrate bedtime stories to her son, and that is when she started telling stories of the ladybug boy who went on different adventures around the world, all from her wonderful imagination. She said, “And after that, my son did not want to hear any other stories, he was so hooked to these adventures.” That is how she created a world where the ladybug boy was going on numerous adventures and that was the beginning of a lifelong calling. Basing the character on her son, Ms. Titta has now made a Global Concept that intends to revolutionize the way children learn.

The Founder’s Philosophy

For an organization to flourish on an international level, it is imperative that the Founder has some great principles and values, on which the entire foundation of that company rests.

Ms.Titta’s philosophy and beliefs about life are clearly portrayed in all her creations. For this Wonder Woman, nature and our relationship with nature, respect for cultural diversity, having family values, celebrating the emotions of joy and happiness, being healthy and active, are some of the core values which are closest to her heart.

Having gone through some serious cultural and religious struggles, she understood the importance of teaching tolerance to kids from her own personal experiences. She says, “I want to be a Peace-Builder, bringing cultural awareness among kids.” According to her, today’s world really needs love and compassion because not respecting cultural differences has led to wars, and if we can prepare our kids for a diverse world from an early age itself, our future is going to be in safe hands.

Being a mother to two boys, aged 17 and 10 years old, she knows the importance of early education and its impact on the overall wellbeing and happiness of a child.

The most interesting part of The Happy Ambassador Concept is that it caters to the needs of children with learning disabilities as well. Children with or without any attentive learning disability will get all the benefits that the programs have to offer through the multisensory approach.

When learning is FUN and PLAYFUL…

This is a happy proposition not just for the kids, but also for adults! I can vouch for it, especially after watching a few demos of the programs that The Happy Ambassador runs. I had the happiest smile on my face, that sense of adventure, and that longing to feel like a kid again when I saw the Lapland Adventures of The Happy Ambassador. You can see and feel all this for yourself:

Now, if adults can feel so great, how can the kids not love the concept and all its programs, right?!

A child will learn to become a hero on his own, he/she will learn about the history, geography, and cultural values of a country through the story-telling programs. Another thing of great focus in the programs is the importance of movement and exercises. In the form of fairy tale adventures, kids learn how to move through specially choreographed sports movements which can easily be learned and applied by kids.

Teaching moral values to children was never this easy, and these programs do it so smoothly, that one doesn’t even feel they are being taught some basics of human relationships and the importance of family values and other morals, for a peaceful human existence.

The Happy Ambassador concept makes sure that your child develops gross motor skills, socialization skills and there is also an improvement in the self-confidence of the kid.

Learning about other countries becomes fun and easy while doing sports activities native to that country. There are country-specific health quizzes, information on what vitamins are needed and available in those countries to help in the health status of the kids. The Happy Ambassador aims to build bridges, decrease bullying, and increase the sense of safety among kids through their programs.

Children learn creativity, enthusiasm, hopefulness, curiosity, and a sense of humor, all through the adventurous stories of the happy, cheerful ladybug boy, who is always up for a new adventure.

The overall result of the programs is an experience that is an educational and innovative event for the child. EDUTAINMENT is what your child will get here, and actually even more. The purpose of the service is to promote the well-being of children; physically, mentally, and emotionally. The fairytale adventure storytelling is part of the revolution of fun learning. Learning that is fun, holistic, and effective.


Creating footprints all over the World…

The immense hard-work and passion by Ms.Titta have made sure that in just a few years of its inception, this movement is being recognized and awarded on International Platforms. Collaborations from many countries have already lead to some great work for the children.

The Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities from Canada has collaborated with The Happy Ambassador to work globally together, in building a better future for the children.

Ms. Titta was awarded an International award for Books For Peace in the year 2019. And these have just been a few feathers in her cap, as the journey continues and she plans to expand her movement. After a successful flight in Finland and other European countries, ‘The Happy Ambassador’ is now ready to fly to the world.

What an inspirational story of spreading happiness this has been! I am sure you too are amazed and would want to help spread the word. If so, please follow the social media handles of The Happy Ambassador to remain updated for all the wonderful adventures that are yet to take place. Click on the Facebook and Instagram accounts, to know more.

Images and Video Source: Ms. Titta Kote

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