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One word that sums up my life is “Motivation”. I have in practical terms understood what exactly being motivated feels like and what it can do to a person’s mind who is constantly chasing his goals. I have also witnessed what demeaning words, by humans can do in hindering one’s achievement of those very goals, but in all, the courageous spirit of a person helps him stand tall with his head above the waters of life.

Motivational prowess requires 80% dedication as you are expected to share what you know and understand so as to inspire and not expire others’ dreams, but without commitment, that 80% is a waste. As a motivational writer who has been writing for over 3 years now, I still feel hungry to be inspired either by groups or individuals, so long as it drives me forward.

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So far, I have followed and heard numerous motivational speakers; listened to hundreds of motivational quotes, and read several motivational books so as to be inspired and energized in my career and my dreams in life. Speakers from diverse spheres of life ranging from business, career, education, technology, and other fields have left an impact on my mind. Here, I am going to share with you all, how did I choose to be a motivational writer and how it all panned out. 

The start of it all…

Since my childhood days, I have always had a deep concern for people and have always tried to make them see and appreciate the good as well as the bad experiences of life as they both work out for a purpose. I have desired to be at the front, leading and inspiring people and helping them achieve unimaginable goals.

An opportunity presented itself during my post-primary school days in the form of one of the groups I was opportune enough to join. We were asked to go home and pick a topic that burdens on human capabilities and prepare a few lines of speech on it. Within me, there was such an unexplainable amount of joy that I kept thinking of the right topic that would keep the minds of my classmates interested in my words.

I got home, but still, I couldn’t coin out a good title to captivate, then my cousin asked me a question, “Are all dreams attainable?” There and then I coined, “DARE TO DREAM; DARE TO ACHIEVE.”

During the presentation, I had little sentences scribed down, but I spoke more like 30 minutes without knowing, and when I finished my speech, I found almost all the attendees standing and clapping. I felt relieved and fulfilled, some classmates became close pals and we started a writing group.

After my high school days, I left the city for another, still, I and my group kept contact. In the new city, things weren’t the same as no one cares. All they need is what you can offer and still, they don’t believe in you. They would talk you down and make you feel less of yourself and would stop at nothing to see you down. But I kept doing what makes me happy, which is making people realize that if they can dream it, they can achieve it.

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In all this, I was hurting because no one was inspiring me or motivating me. I kept no friends aside from the group I made in that new city until one day, one of my group members during a discussion chipped in something that got to me. “Do you think motivation should be just in words alone or action is also a keyword?” She asked! I knew that word was for me as it was time to draw strength from that which makes me happy. There I decided to live out what I taught.

The resolve to motivate grew stronger…

With that resolution in mind, I went into proper research on how to build a better network and touch more lives. I started following the likes of Dan Lok, George Essien, and Nelisa Mchunu to mention a few. By doing so, I found out that every person has an emotional and rational treat with objectives to be met. I came to realize that humans are emotional because they are affected by situations in different ways.

In my research, I also found out that every human being has different moods according to the different stimuli present around them, but by motivating them, the energy would be felt in front of specific activity or task. I also discovered that the word motivation isn’t just a word, but an action that makes us activate our body, mind, spirit, and soul in order to achieve desired goals because to every goal achieved, there’s 30% practice and 70% motivation.

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Why exactly is ‘motivation’ needed?

In my motivational journey so far, I have come to realize that there is a higher level of motivation needed to achieve better results in whatever one does. Motivation is needed in every area of life as there is 98% assurance that there is no successful human on earth who wasn’t motivated either by actions or words.

In the context of success and self-improvement, motivation is like gasoline, flame, or engine within every human being that pushes or encourages one to do and continue to do things that one couldn’t do ordinarily. If you wish to be successful in any area or skill in life, you need to be aware of the things to adopt, change, or eliminate from your daily life. You should know that such things or changes aren’t easy to come by, so motivation is necessary.

To me, motivation is needed to experience change; change here implies breaking and modifying some of your daily life habits, values, and even beliefs. New thoughts, emotions, and attitudes need to be adopted as these changes will cause you to perform different actions and get different results.

The point is that if we do not change, we will not be able to learn, grow and improve our current situation and we will probably fall into a routine from which it could be very difficult to get out. Motivation is the “force” that exists inside and outside of us, one that stimulates us to do things. Therefore, to become successful, it is very important to remain constantly motivated and inspired so as to not lose the path we have chosen for our lives. 

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The two major ways in which you can be motivated…

As humans, we experience two kinds of motivation. The first being internal motivation also known as intrinsic and it is an incredibly powerful force, which unfortunately many do not give importance to, not knowing how to use it, as the most powerful gasoline that exists. When instead of eating a slice of cake we choose something healthier and nutritious, we are using our intrinsic motivation to choose health instead of satisfying our taste buds.

The second is external motivation also known as extrinsic, which is the one in which we normally depend on outside factors to fulfill our goals or tasks. These factors outside of us drive us to act in a certain way and we only do it because of the external motivation and not because we really want to do those tasks. Some of these factors can be awards and rewards such as a salary increase, job promotion, public recognition, etc., or punishments or negative consequences such as illnesses, penalties, humiliation, etc. It is common for this type of motivation (positive or negative) to occur in the workplace. 

Both sources of motivation will drive us to do certain things that may be of benefit to us. However, it is recommended that the sources of our motivation and inner strength originate from ourselves and that we focus on obtaining pleasure, rather than avoiding pain. 

Although the end result is the same, by focusing on internal and positive motivation you will be keeping your thoughts, attitudes, and actions aligned with what you want, and therefore you will be activating the Law of Attraction in your favor, facilitating the achievement of what you have proposed.

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And finally, it all made sense…

My resolution to be a motivational writer and speaker was born out of this burning desire to help people see reasons why focusing on their internal and positive motivation will help them achieve their goals in a better way. Because what matters to me more in this course of life is to get my audience closer to achieving their goals every day, help them persist, see they have a plan, and stay motivated until everything they aspire or want has been fulfilled. And as new things, events or situations occur or happen to them along the way, they should always stay motivated because there is no force on earth that can stop us if we work together for one another instead of just ourselves.

Just like my favorite motivational writer (Brian Tracy) would say,

“If we want to achieve something that we have never achieved, we must be willing to learn things that we have never learned and do things that we have never done.”

And for me, there must be a will to achieve that which we have never achieved.

Have an open mind to every opportunity that presents itself, and take every positive hand of motivation extended towards you. Those groups I kept during those times are the circle I still maintain and the lady that made the remark is my partner today. Being grateful for their support and wishing each day to improve me as a motivator still motivates me to be better. I hope this journey gives you a ray to the way forward. 


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