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Though failure is a term which usually gives a very negative feeling, but ‘foster failure’ is something entirely different. It denotes that the love between the foster parent and the baby was so deep that the parents could not help but become the official parents by adopting the baby. So, we can say that foster failure cases basically tell some of the greatest love stories between living creatures. And this does not always have to be with human babies, even foster volunteers for animals can be found to fall in love with the animal they take in, for foster care.

Today, we are going to tell you one of the cutest foster failure stories we came across in recent times. Riley was a rescue dog who was shifted from a shelter in Georgia to the Northeast Animal shelter in Massachusetts.


When he was shifted to the new shelter, he was medically evaluated and it was found that he urgently needed a bilateral hip surgery. Celia, a volunteer foster parent who took care of dogs was at the shelter the day Riley had arrived.

Apart from the hip surgery, Riley also needed some at-home therapy. Outside his cage, there was sign which said, ‘Foster Care Needed.’ Celia offered that she could become his temporary foster parent. It was after this decision that Riley won Celia’s heart. Celia was with Riley, when he was recovering and going through his therapy sessions. Though Riley didn’t like the home sessions, but Celia personally trained him and now he is one happy and fit dog.

The time that Celia spent with Riley during the foster care did the magic! According to Celia, Riley is the best dog ever, and she even said, “he is just perfect.” In the video shared by the official YouTube account of LOVEAPET, the story of their bonding has been beautifully shown. In the video, we can see how Riley became a darling for Celia, who eventually just could not resist and officially adopted him. She considers Riley to be his son and in return Riley also loves Celia loyally and in fact he loves every dog that comes near him. According to Celia, her son loves everybody, and for this reason she says that he is the best dog and she is indeed really very happy to have him.


Celia became the classic case of a foster failure, as she fell in love with Riley, and instead of just being a foster parent, became the official one. She is actually kind of excited as well, even if it termed as foster failure, because the basic emotion of love for Riley is too great for her.

The way Riley won her mom’s heart shows that it is not always that rescue and shelter dogs have behavior problems. We have seen stories of dogs, who had been very badly treated either in the shelters or by some maniac owners. But after their recovery, if someone adopts them and loves them, they become the most loyal and loving dogs ever. Something similar happened here, and you yourself can see what an amazing bond Celia and Riley share between them. Take a look at the video and enjoy this heartwarming story.

Even our hearts melted after watching the story of this foster failure, which lead to a beautiful relationship. We request you to share this story, if it touched your heart; so that more and more people can come to know that adopting a pet, and that too, a pet that needs special care, can become so rewarding that it can change lives.

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