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It took almost 17 years for me to understand that by losing weight, I was to not just look good, but feel healthy; which is actually the most important thing for the body.

Hello friends, today I am going to share with you a part of the journey of my life, which has pretty much been the most tedious one till now. Why till now? Well, that’s because now I understand that I have to lose weight to not just look good, but to feel healthy. You might say, this is actually common sense and even general knowledge that being at an optimal weight is good for your health, and while I always knew about this, the people around me never let me feel it this way. Call it the societal pressure, or media portrayal, or anything, but the fact is that the motivation given to people to lose weight has nothing to do with what actually means the most in that regard.

Getting worried at not being healthy
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The media will show that only slim girls are beautiful and that fat girls are simply unwanted by their friends, families members and yes, they certainly cannot have a partner. There will always be one relative, or maybe more actually, who would go about telling you that they care for you and that’s why they keep asking (read pestering) you to lose weight. Then there will be some mean friend who will blabber on how she wore this LBD to the party and how the cutest guy just asked her out, making you feel like you are totally undateable! Now, tell me exactly where do they point out that overweight people need to lose weight for having a healthy body, rather all they talk about is this perfect BODY-IMAGE, with which you are worth the world, and without which you just are a big big burden on Earth!

I have been almost 15-20 kgs overweight since I hit puberty, and from that time I have been belittled and rejected many times by a lot of people, who could not overlook my chubby frame to find the person that I actually was; a fun loving, fun-giving girl who wants to make people happy around her; for she innocently believes that maybe people will look at her radiant smile and not her chubby cheeks, that maybe the world around her will understand that she wants to get fit, but by all the negative motivation, she is only getting down. When the world keeps telling you that you need to shed that extra weight, because ‘koi ladka haan nahin bolega shaadi ke liye’ (no boys will say yes to marry you), and ‘tumpe kapde achche ni lagte'(clothes don’t look good on you), from where the hell is one supposed to feel happily motivated towards one of the toughest goals of their life! I have many times lost most of the extra weight, and then when I step out looking slimmer, people say, ‘now don’t lose more weight, you will not look good.’ AGAIN, the focus on just looks!

One of the biggest things to keep in control while losing weight is your diet, and more often than not, overweight people are the ones who love food. I am one of those, and when people used to make me feel all gloomy because of my weight issues, I used to get highly upset and then that control on the diet would vanish for that time frame, and I would feel the urge to have my cheesy pizza. For foodies, food is the ultimate fixture for a bad mood, and even if I may have wanted to control my tongue to not taste that pizza, my gloominess would pull me in the rut.

After years of feeling this way, and listening to all the crap that could have come my way, finally I decided to end it all. I would no longer listen to anyone’s reason as to why I need to lose weight, I would no longer try to just reshape my body so that a guy likes me, I would no longer ditch my workout routine because people now have started to appreciate my looks. I have taken the PLEDGE to lose weight this time, not to have a perfect body-shape, but to have a perfectly healthy body. I have just started to lose weight and have a long way to go, before I achieve my optimal body weight, but the love that I am now giving to my body for myself, is making me feel special. I know this time, that I have motivated myself to have an active body, which can house an alert mind and that is what makes me keep going. Being healthy is my priority, and now this is going to be a life-long relationship that I will share with my body, where we both will take care of each other. I finally feel happy while working out, I finally can say no my favorite foods for some time without feeling bad, I can finally rejoice the freedom I have given myself from what the society says or feels about my body.

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I seriously want to request everyone who thinks that a perfect body is the only thing worthy in a person, that if you do want someone close to you to lose weight, then please, stop making them feel depressed, stop giving negative motivations to them. They need to hear that it is for a good health that you should lose weight, not to just look better than the neighbor’s daughter or that actress on TV.

Let people love their body for the things it can do when it is healthy, not how it will look when it’s fit. Please, give positive motivation to yourself or anybody who is out there trying to get a healthy body. Let it all be about BEING HEALTHY!


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