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Today is World Smile Day, and we at Smile To Shine would like to celebrate this day with our dear readers by making this special list of our favorites which have the power to make anyone smile effortlessly. And although we have always only tried to make anyone and everyone feel happy by the content that we post here, today is one special day, because since the starting of this website, it is for the first time that World Smile Day that has come in front of us. Obviously, we could not leave this chance to share with you guys those things which have always made us happy. We hope you too feel the same and SMILE with us on this day of celebrating and spreading smiles.

1. Babies

There is nothing cuter than a smiling baby looking at you. I can say this with experience really, because I have had so many moments when either a baby was looking at me smiling or when I smiled at someone, and that cutey just curved his/her lips to give me the most adorable smile. And that is just with the smiles, don’t even get me started on how amazingly a smile just occurs on our faces when we see them doing all of their pretty little antics. Whether they are trying to eat something with their own hands or whether they speak their first word, or even when they just have a smiling face when sleeping, a baby can actually make you happy just by doing nothing even.

2.  Old Couples

Watching an old couple still being in love after having spent their entire lives together is something that just doesn’t make us happy but the moment also makes us all feel that love is something that can be there till eternity.

3. Running into an old friend

When we run into an old friend after ages, there is so much of happiness that we cannot even explain it. Planning a meet-up with buddies is another thing, but when we surprisingly run into an old friend or even an acquaintance for that matter, that is when all of the nostalgia of those forgotten happy times strike us and all we can do is just SMILE.

4. Listening to your favorite song

Music has great powers to make us want to do so much in life. And one of the first things that we usually do while listening to our favorite song is that we curve our lips and that too without even realizing that we are doing it. Such us the magic of music.

5. Walking in the woods

Walking in the woods surrounded by nature and its glory is really a favorite when it comes to the things that make us feel happy.

6. Puppies

Well, there can simply be no arguments when we say that puppies make us all truly happy. Their crazy energy and innocent eyes can melt any heart.

7. Hugs and cuddles


One of the best ways of telling someone that you love them is by hugging them or just cuddling with them for no reason at all.

8. An Act of Kindness

This is undoubtedly one of the best things that you can do to make someone smile and that in turn will make you happy from heart. Having a kind spirit makes us a beautiful person from inside and that is something the world needs the most.

You know I have always been an ardent fan of smiling, but after I founded this website which does only this job, I really feel so happy about the fact that because of my words and works, there are people who smile. I told you guys about this specific aspect of me sharing smile-inducing content because according to me this is one of the most practical examples of anyone telling you how making someone smile brings happiness to their life. It certainly has brought some smiles in my life, hope more and more people understand this and help make this world a better place to live for all of us.

Image Sourced from: Pixabay and Pexels

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