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If I were to ask you guys, how was the year 2016, almost everybody would exclaim in unison that it was a bad year. All of us have reasons to believe that the going year was not good, but then there were some people who showed that not all was as bad as it looked. Today, we are going to tell you about some people who with their kind hearts and strong-willed actions showed that humanity did not completely die. Take a look at these people who restored our faith humanity in 2016.

1. A miraculous recovery

A Danish woman named, Anja Ringrren Loven had rescued this child from a Nigerian village, where he was found all malnourished and infected with worms because his family had abandoned him, believing that he was a witch. The boy was named Hope and his recovery in the subsequent months made people really happy.

2. A beautiful cause

This 10-year-old boy grew his hair for two years and faced all the bullying that came with it, so that he could donate his hair to make wigs for children who lose their hair because of cancer. Thomas Moore had seen his mother watching a video of a 5-year-old girl who had lost her hair due to chemotherapy, and this made him decide that he would grow his hair to donate them one day.

3. Building homes

World Champion Boxer, Manny Pacquiao built and gave 1000 homes to the poor and homeless people of his country, Philippines.

4. A special sort of bonding

An Animal Shelter of Arizona partnered with an Elderly Facility to take care of orphaned kittens and the way the elderly people bonded with the kittens was a sight to behold.

5. The kid with great skills and an even bigger heart

This 12-year-old boy named, Campbell Russel learnt how to make teddy bears, so that he could donate those to sick children at the hospital. He makes one teddy bear each day, and has made over 800 toys till now.

6. A special wedding

Kinsey French is a special education teacher and she made her wedding day extra special by inviting her students, all of whom have Down syndrome. The happiness on the faces of the kids was something that everyone cherished, not just the guests at the wedding, but people all around the world who saw the beautiful pictures of this special wedding.

7. Superheroes

On International Children’s Day, the Albanian Police Force dressed up as Superheroes and surprised the sick kids at a hospital.

8. The best friend of dogs

Marc Ching, an American Activist saved 1000 dogs from being slaughtered at the Yulin dog festival, despite being harassed and beaten for trying to save the dogs.

9. Compassionate dad-son duo

This dad-son duo took a motorboat and rescued about 40 stranded dogs, who were left after floods hit Brazoria, Texas. They made several trips into the flooded parts of the city and saved the abandoned pooches.

10. The Cat Man of Aleppo

Known as ‘the cat man of Aleppo’, Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, is staying in the country and looking after the cats that have been left behind in war-torn Syria. He has rescued around 100 kitties and in fact the man, who was an electrician, now even drives ambulances to different parts of the city to save people.

All the people mentioned here had a few things in common; a kind heart, a caring and compassionate soul and all of them made 2016 special by doing what they did. We can’t thank them enough, especially now when we are saying bye to this year, which we thought was so bad for the entire world. These people not only saved humans and animals, but also reinstilled the hopes that humanity still exists.

All images have been sourced from here.

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