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I have a very strong belief that if one learns a lesson of life on his/her birthday, then that person will actually remember it for the entire life. I can say this, so very confidently because today is my birthday, and I have learnt one of the most precious lessons of life.

That lesson (though I knew about it previously, but never realized it to such depths)is that, the best gift a person can give to a loved one, is his/her precious TIME. Yes, the all powerful and all mighty time; which neither stops for anyone, nor comes back for anyone. People are so busy these days that one doesn’t have time even for themselves, and when someone takes out time to make you feel special, then you should not doubt that you are indeed very close to that person. Everybody has a life, and in that life, they have their own challenges and struggles, but if a person gives you priority and takes time for you from their busy schedule, then you must understand that you are valued.

The issue of gifting is actually something I am mostly bothered about, because people spend thousands to buy a gift, but don’t have the TIME to give it to the person. And this problem mostly comes in relationships, such as those of lovers, friends and sometimes even the parent-child relationship. According to me, these relationships are very important, and over the years I have learnt that one may have loads of money to shower on their loved ones, but if they don’t have time and true emotions of love for that person, then that money is actually of no use.

Nothing could give as much happiness to a child as a hug from a parent would; a woman would be happier if her lover could simply hold her hand and a person would be happiest if he/she has friends with whom he can laugh and cry on matters that matter and even on the ones that don’t really matter! It is all about the true intention of being with a person at that time, and if someone can be with you in his/her true capacity, then you are one lucky chap!

I have had people in my life who have gifted me jewelry and other things that mostly make girls go crazy, but it hurt me the most when I found out that their intention in gifting such things was not to show their love, but only to use me when required. And in that scenario, I truly can assure you, that such people are not worth being a part of your life. If their intentions are not right and all they have, to give you is their false love, laden with shiny gifts, then it is really not worth it. Rather, you should be close to people who may never shower you with such things, but would always love you for who are as a person and would love to spend time with you, because mind you, time is the most precious gifts of all.

Any expensive item can be bought again, but a moment gone, is a moment gone; it is never coming back. If your loved ones don’t have the money to buy you the latest car or designer dress, but have time to laugh with you, then happily take those laughing moments, because those will become a part of you memory, which cannot be erased from your heart so easily. Love is a feeling which needs true intentions and emotions to sustain, not a regular supply of cash to fuel one’s lust for materialistic things. Love is being with them to make them laugh, to make them smile, to hold them tight, to assure them that you will always be there, no matter what! And all these things can only be accomplished by giving TIME.

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