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The Amazon Saheli Program of the online retail giant Amazon in India is a special program through which women entrepreneurs are being supported and promoted through a special Amazon Saheli Store. This program was rolled out in November 2017, and since then has impacted thousands of women entrepreneurs across the nation.

Amazon Saheli Program started in partnership with non-government social service entities named- Self-Employed Women Association (SEWA) and Impulse Social Enterprise. All the products in the Saheli Store are the ones that are produced locally by women entrepreneurs.

Benefits of joining the Amazon Saheli Program

The whole program has been made in order to provide assistance and support to women-based companies and for this, Amazon has a list of benefits that will be available to all those who become a part of this initiative. Some of those advantages are:

1. A reduced referral fee that stands at 12% or less depending upon the category for one year after starting the membership.

2. Training support will be available on how to Sell on Amazon to kickstart the business

3. Amazon also gives the option of an account manager that will guide the women entrepreneurs in the initial 30 days as a seller.

4. As part of imaging and cataloging support, professional product photoshoot and product listing support will be given to get the account started.

5. All the Amazon Saheli Products will also be displayed on the specialized Saheli store on to help the business owners get noticed by more customers.

6. Amazon will also be providing marketing support in general.


The Amazon Saheli stores have been taking advantage of the program and what was once only sold locally, is now being able to reach millions of customers across the country.

We went through the Saheli Stores and chose a few products that are listed below. If you want to buy any of these things listed here, you can either click on the picture or any of the links given with the description. Check out our favorites:

1.  Eco-friendly writing

When you love to write but also want to save the environment, you choose recycled paper. The amazing part about this combo is that it comes with pens and pencils that can later be planted and there is simply no wastage. Even the paper is plantable and all the instructions are given in the packaging itself. A great gifting option for yourself or your loved ones that also helps empower women entrepreneurs, and takes care of the environment as well.

Click here to buy.

2. Hold up a beauty!

This handcrafted wooden tray adorned with gemstone painting is something that can be a wonderful gift during the coming festive season, or can be used at home when guests come in.

Click here to buy this tray. 

3. Venice on Wall

An Original & Copyright Protected Artwork, created by Senior Artist Sabiha Hasan Sumbul, is something that can look great in your home. This was my personal favorite from a large collection of paintings that are sold in this store. You can take your pick from many other options. 

Click here to buy this and know more about the store 

4. Basket-cum-carry-bag

Yet another eco-friendly option coming from women entrepreneurs that are a part of the Amazon Saheli Initiative. This handmade bag, made from newspaper ropes is elegant yet super useful.

Click here to buy it.

5. Coasters keeping the tables clean!

Remember the tray that we showed above? These coasters are from the same brand, and needless to say, would go perfectly with that piece. Of course, the choice is always yours, but we found these too beautiful to leave those out, so just included here. Click on this link, just in case you want to buy these.

6. Healthify your water

Drinking water from copper vessels is good for you, and just in case you didn’t know this, let us give a short brief here. This water improves your immunity, digestion, manages hormonal imbalances, stimulates vital organs, clears skin, and does so much more to keep you healthy. And when the vessel comes with such craftsmanship, one would love to have these at home or gift it to someone they love. What do you think? Oh, by the way, they have a green option as well.

Check these out here.

7. For a peaceful home

The Buddha statue that can make your surroundings peaceful! Handcarved with stone finishing and available in black and white, this statue is a great gifting option, and can definitely be a part of your home as well.
Check out other specifications here.

8. Boho cushion case

Although you may say this is just a cushion cover, and yes you are right! But, just look at how beautiful it looks and think how amazing it will look on your bed. Will not say anything else. Link is available at the click of the photograph if you want to check out some details.

9. Handcrafted plant jute bag

You may be wondering why this bag here. Well, it makes for a pretty great cover to the plant pots and can be used for storing anything you want, apart from other important points such as, it is eco-friendly, handmade and helps empower women who make these bags. These were enough for us to include this in our list. Do check out this store for more amazing options.
Click here if you like it.

10. Plant hangers

Going with the theme of giving something to our plants, here we have a hanger, which can make your small plants look amazing when they hang in this beautiful piece. Click here to buy it.

This product is also from the brand that we talked about before this. So, if you are interested in buying more of such handmade storage bags and baskets, do check their entire store.

These are just a few hand-picked items that we liked. You can of course browse through the Amazon Saheli Store to find more of such products and if you know women around you who can benefit from this program, do ask them to visit this page to know more about the entire Amazon Saheli Program. 

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