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When we fall in love; whether it is for the first time or immediately after a break-up or even after a long time, during which we were single and happy, most of us start expecting too much too soon. Obviously, everybody has their own levels of expectations, which are sometimes met by their partners beautifully, but this rarely happens, and so, most of the relationships start suffering from the burden of too many expectations.

Romantic relationships are one of the most important relationships in one’s life, but some people and self-admittedly I would like to say, most women make their romantic relationships the base and core of their life. They put so much of themselves into their love life that at times they may even forget who they really are. In this entire gamut of giving their all to their romantic relationships, they start expecting things from their partner, which at times may not go well with the other person. Obviously this happens with men too! And frankly, it is not healthy from either of the sides.

When we put too much of ourselves into our romantic relationships, we at times tend to feel that we both should love to do EVERYTHING together. The power of love undoubtedly wants us to spend as much time with our partner as possible, but apart from being partners to each other, you guys are own individuals as well. Both of you have your own choices and they may not match every time. So then, what do you do?

Do you break up because your guy cannot understand you talking about movies? Will you let go of the fact that he is a caring, sensitive, good looking, financially stable and a loyal man, who actually loves you a lot? Isn’t it unfair to him? If you love talking about movies, but he doesn’t really connect with that, can’t you think of anyone else with whom you can have this discussion?

This is just one example, we can think of thousands of such things! The basic point is why can’t we have different relationships with different people- like why can’t we have a person with whom we can gossip non-stop, why can’t there be someone with whom we can can just go shopping? Every person in your life can give you something special. Why does your romantic relationship have to handle your every aspect of life? Isn’t it too much for a poor guy or even a girl to handle all the aspects of their partner’s life? Surely, there needs to be common ground for you to gel up, but everything will never match, and that’s perfectly alright, because if you guys are exactly the same, where will the fun of the unknown and a sense of adventure come from?!

By having some special relationships with some other people in your life (these people can be your friends and family or even colleagues), you tend to tell yourself that your entire life doesn’t revolve around your partner, and you also tend to give away the message to your other loved ones that they too are important in your life. This way, you not only polish your individuality, but you also tend to enjoy the moments with your partner because he is special for some aspects of your life; you are happy with him, but your happiness doesn’t depend on him. This will also make him respect your relationship more and chances are very high that he will not take you or your relationship with him, for granted. Now, isn’t it something that we all want in life?

By not having too many expectations from only the romantic relationships of our life, we give ourselves the freedom to enjoy our life with others and even with only ourselves. And that my dear, is liberating for any person, and again I would self-admittedly say, more for women!

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