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“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

We all have heard about this popular expression and some of us definitely believe in it, and eventually this belief makes us stronger at the end of every storm that we face in our life.

The story that we are going to share with you today is that of a man, named Khaled Siddiq, who is going to turn 91-year-old this year. His grandson, Adam Siddiq shared a video on his YouTube Channel on 21 June 2017, and with his permission we share with you all, a story of courage, determination and dedication which will surely inspire you to do that one simple thing in life, which has the power to change everything and that is- LEARNING.

Life of Khaled Siddiq

In the video, that you guys can watch at the end of this article, we see Khaled Siddiq narrating the story of his life through written placards. The man who is 90 years old with a family of his own now, was politically imprisoned in Afghanistan at the age of 6 for 20 years. Yes, you read that correctly; at an age when people are playing away to glory, a small kid was imprisoned for such a long time. All the while that he was in jail, he and his family basically lost their everything. This time was the darkest period of his life, but the strong child that he was, he rose above his circumstances to become a learned man.


Khaled Siddiq tells us in the video that during that time, the one thing that kept him going was that he focused on learning something everyday. Though, he was jailed, but nobody could capture his zeal, because of which he stared to study within the confines of a prison. He learned thousands of poems by great poets, and read about the different philosophies of the greatest of philosophers. He also learned to read, write and speak in 6 languages.

It amazes me beyond bounds that a child could gather so much courage and determination to do all of this. We all get scared when dark times come in our life, and seldom do most of us try to find a way through which we can come out victorious through those storms. But, this story makes us look at a fact of life that many of us forget during the tough times. Choosing to take matters in our hands so as to grow from the ashes makes us human, and that is what we learn from Khaled Siddiq.


As for the lessons that Grandpa Khaled learned from his life, here are the ones that he considers the most important ones:

1. It is better to forgive and guide people to the right way than to get revenge.

2.The right way is the way of the heart.

3.The way of the heart is to kind and to love each other.

The last message that Grandpa wanted to give to everyone watching him narrate his life story, are these golden words:

“Humanity Is My Family”

We salute this man for the amount of courage he has shown in life, for the depth of love he has for humanity even after having suffered so much, for all the inspiration that he radiates through a smiling face, for thanking us because we took time to listen to his story. On the contrary, we at Smile To Shine would like to thank him for sharing with us his story, and also his Grandson Adam, who gave us permission to write about him.

Check out the video below to see how inspiring Grandpa Khaled really is:

If you too are inspired by this story, then please share it with your friends and family. You never know, who needs to be inspired at this very moment.

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