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There is something about travelling via road, through the countryside, to that far-off destination which gives you all the time of the world to cherish nature in its pristine purity.

This month, I got the chance to be up on the road, this time to attend my best friend’s wedding in a town which is a good 250 kms. The fog would have jeopardized my efforts to reach on time had I taken the flight, because during winters, Delhi sees a lot of cancelled and postponed flights. And similar fate is seen by the trains timetables. So, we took the car, and drove our way through the highways. The winter season is the best time of the year to be engaging in road-trips to wherever you want to go in Northern India. And that becomes even better, when you keep all your five senses totally open. Why, you may wonder, then let me elaborate you on this in the most detailed manner.

For The EYES

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Your eyes may still be adjusting from the tedious task of waking up early to hit the road before traffic ruins all your timing, but when you reach the place where all the city cars have been left behind, and all you can see is a straight road, then you know your eyes will be happy. The soothing feeling comes from the bright yellow mustard covered fields, which are outlined by the green long grasses and are ornamented by an occasional farmer walking up to work on his farm under the clear blue sky. These scenes are abundant and each time that you see a new yellow field, you eyes thank you for bringing you to that place.

For The EARS

The swishing of the grasses and the trees and the chirping of the birds make for a treat for the ears, especially because these natural sounds are almost never heard in the jungle of the city buildings. But, the most special sound inviting you to your own soul is the sound of the waves that crash on the rocks. It is one of the best feelings of the world, when you simply sit on the rocks on a riverbank and let the coolness of the water touch your feet, the sound of the streaming river reach your ears and the breeze hovering around the river tease your skin and hair to make you feel completely connected to nature’s wonderful elements.


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When on road, taste the fruits of the farms. I am not saying that you should trespass on someone’s farm and pluck a fruit from his garden, but what you should definitely do is that try the nature’s abundance if you see some fruit-seller near a big farm. The fruits that you get here will be really fresh and the good part is that these fruit-sellers happily offer a piece to try before you decide to purchase a big lot. So, you will be in for a real treat, for the real fruits taste best when savored in the presence of natural elements around you.

For The NOSE

The first difference that your nose gets to feel while travelling on the road through the countryside is that it gets fresh air. The smoke of the city gets replaced by a crispy cool and fresh air, which is purified by the acres of forests along the road. We can hardly put down the car windows in the city, but here the case is different. You would hardly want to put it up when you are surrounded by the lush green forests and the flowery fields.

For The SKIN

Well well, you skin is going to enjoy the most when you are out in the open. The breeze will gently kiss all across your face, your hands will savor the softness of the fruits, your feet will feel the running water and your entire body will be filled with renewed energy emanating from the purity of nature that you are going to feel.

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Can travelling get better that this? I don’t think so. Obviously, one needs a lot of time and patience to be on a road-trip, but I suggest that we should take one, when we get the chance. When we get out of the house to reach a particular destination, it is not only the destination that should be in mind, if at all we can get the chance to take a journey that puts us in control of our timing, speed and choices to make stops wherever we want, we should always grab that chance with open arms and let our body get soaked in the glory of everything beautiful that the nature has to offer us.

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