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Having lived a successful (not without struggles) professional life herself being in the fields of management, financial planning, and entrepreneurship to now finding success as an Author of books that are reshaping generations, Elizabeth (Liz Franklin), is no less than an inspiration, not just to the people of her country, but across the World as well.

She is an expert in providing a unique perspective of business and personal success strategies, sharing those through books, workshops, and seminars. Popularly known as Mamaliz, this mother and grandmother has been spreading her infectious smile and positive vibes to anyone who comes in her contact, whether that be face-to-face or even through Social Media.

Mamaliz teaches success habits

My acquaintance with Mamaliz started through Linkedin when I found her as being a co-author of a series of books that intended to teach children how they could fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Liz Franklin and her daughter Anna Franklin, along with Ilario Tariello and his daughter Serena Tariello came up with a way that could make children feel like they are the Superheroes in this Pandemic and have all the power to save our World. I fell in love with that idea, and since then have been in contact with these amazing writers. I have learnt a lot in these four months from them and would love to share their creations with all my readers so that everyone can take advantage of being inspired to be their very best, especially in these tough times.

Being an avid reader myself, I have read so many of Mamaliz’s books and social media posts, where she continues to inspire her network with daily posts on life lessons, wisdom nuggets on success, the knowledge that has the power to change your life if you apply her simple steps that can definitely take you to personal and professional heights. Bonus is all the positivity and loving vibes that you get just by being inspired by her words.

Reshaping Young Minds For Success

Today being American Business Women’s Day, I truly wanted to honour this special lady by featuring her greatness on my blog, and sharing with my readers how a woman who has done it all, seen it all ( struggles that people only talk about or are too afraid to even mention at times- losing children, broken relationships, facing a near-death experience, and what not) continues to spark greatness in the younger generation through basically everything that she does, but particularly through her books and workshops.

She became an Author and an Inspirational Speaker, not because those were some cool professional choices, but because she had learnt through her experiences what it meant to face struggles, and now that she could pass on that knowledge to help future generations to not make those mistakes and learn from her, she gives her best in all the ways she can.

Such is her drive to motivate young people, that she did not take a break even when the whole World was shut down due to the Pandemic. I can tell you all at least about myself, that Mamaliz has had a profound impact in making me realize what all I am capable of, and that same gift I want to give you all, by giving the links to her books and telling about her through this platform.

Although most of her books are aimed at children and college-going youth, the lessons to be learnt from them are kind of Universal and will be of great use to anyone who is looking to improve their life, through positive motivation, highlighting simple steps that have the power to bring about a transformation in your life.

Mamaliz has been recognised on a lot of platforms and her mention in lists of influence is a long one, so I just made a separate poster of it all, check it out below:

And certainly, the list shall continue to grow as we speak, because, like all women of substantial substance, Liz Franklin also does not know how to stop doing what makes her who she is, a lesson that tirelessly teaches everyone by embodying it completely, that we should find what we want to do and do it on purpose each day.

This is just one of those important life lessons that you would learn from her, others being how to change our success and productivity habits in a manner that works well, time management tactics, inspiration to follow your dreams with full passion and the message closest to heart, that we should live each day as if it is our last day and many more.

I am very sure, you must be ready by now to be inspired by her words, so please check out her Website, from where you can easily download her books.

Rest, let me just finish off by saying, that one day I intend to be like her, unconditionally loving and inspiring the younger generation by igniting greatness in them, so I know I would be a Fan of Mamaliz forever, all of you shall decide for yourself, although I know you too will love her.

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