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All of us look for motivation from various sources, be it through the positive affirmations, or the life stories of successful people, or through the motivational books, and what not. This particularly happens when we are faced with immensely challenging situations, and obviously there is nothing wrong in doing any of it because everybody deserves to be motivated and be happy in their lives.

But have you thought about self-motivation in times of distress? It does sound a little weird, considering that we are already facing tough times and you may even think that how on earth am I supposed to think straight and decide for myself when I am already down in life. Well, all of this makes sense, and I know it because I have felt it too, but you will have to trust me on this one, that even after thinking about all of this, I have made myself think, introspect and decide about my life in the tough times. I have literally given myself, the self-motivating speeches, and yes they WORKED. EVERY TIME.

I do not say that I have faced the worst of problems that a human being can face. But yes, I have faced things I thought I would never be able to survive, and even though I have felt broken a lot many times, and have thought that ‘This is it’, I have as they say, risen from the ashes. And what made me do that, SELF-MOTIVATION.

Yes, I have been supported by my pillars of strength during the tough times, and for that I am really thankful to all my friends and family members. But, whenever I have seen the worst of times, self-motivation has been the key factor, which has always been there to bring me up in life. Now, let me tell how and why self-motivation is important in one’s life. As a word of caution I would like to say that, as all of this comes from my personal experiences, all of this is true for me, but it may or may not work as efficiently in your case, because you may have your sources of motivation which might be best for you. Nevertheless, this is how self-motivation works magically-

The All-Important Self-Motivating Speech

The whole idea of self-motivation is basically based on introspection. You are the one who is fully and totally aware of all your thoughts, beliefs, experiences, secrets and everything. So, it makes perfect sense that during difficult times, you sit down and introspect a little or more, if you can do that. This should mostly involve, you trying to figure out the causes of your problems and finding solutions for them and not dwelling on the past and feeling bad for yourself. Don’t make yourself weak by self-pitying and focus on those only thoughts, which will give you the strength to successfully face your challenges. And when you will reach at the end of all these thoughts, you will be able to give yourself a big self-motivating speech, which will have everything you need to rise up again in life.

Confidence Booster
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After being self-motivated, you will feel a sudden surge of confidence. The moment you say to yourself, ‘Yes You Can Do It, I Will Do It’, you feel that you have crossed a major hurdle of life. The removal of that hurdle gives a confidence boost, and the best part about this type of confidence is that nobody will ever be able to reduce it, for you have created it for yourself.

Ladder To Success

If your self-motivation is strong enough, and you are able to mix hard work and determination with it, then, my dear friend, success is not going to be far away from you. They say a strong willpower can move mountains, and that willpower is always generated by motivating yourself. If you can give yourself the right reasons to do something that you believe is the best for you, then nothing can ever stop you from achieving it.

Happiness Enhancer

A motivated person will always find a way to bring happiness to him, but a self-motivated person will always create happiness through himself. Such people are never dependent on others to make themselves happy, obviously that does not mean that they are not happy with others, it simply means that they will still be happy even if others are not with them in their endeavors. If you know that you are right and you are not hurting anybody else in your pursuit of happiness, then you will never feel the need to diminish your happiness quotient and that in itself is quite gratifying, don’t you think so?

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Now, you see, how important is self-motivation in our lives. We can take as many opinions from experts as possible and can read and listen to many speeches of other people who made it big in life, but the true motivation to improve your conditions and your life will not come, until and unless you yourself don’t decide on certain things. You will have to think properly and positively to make your life better and once you realize that you can do this for yourself, you will never have to look out of yourself to feel motivated.

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