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Amidst the mindless running to do the everyday tasks and while racing in the competition to achieve our pieces of the pie, if we are able to enjoy some moments for their sheer simplicity, we can consider ourselves to be lucky. It means that even though we are trying to be ambitious and balanced in our lives, we also have the ability to stop and enjoy the simple pleasures of our life.

Truly, what would life be if we could not, for a few moments, just relax, rewind and rejuvenate ourselves through the things we know make a difference in our lives. And that difference is actually quite a huge one, because the simple pleasures of life are our truest treasures, they are the best gems of happiness that we all have which have the power to provide food for the soul and warmth to the heart.

We found a thread on Quora, in which a person had asked “Which of the simple pleasures in life do you most enjoy?” The answers to this question made us smile effortlessly, and we are sure you too would love to know more about the simple pleasures that are enjoyed the most by people.

1. A Morning Moment

That moment when you wake up, miraculously, 5 minutes before your alarm goes off and you get a chance to fall back asleep.

Simple Pleasures of life

-Niket Desai

2. Magical Night

Smelling Night-time air. It feels and almost tastes… like nostalgia. I’ve always had this impression. I love greatly that wistful, heaviness, somber contemplation and philosophical introspection (even as it surpasses reason).  The world always feels much more real at night. Even Surreal.

Simple Pleasures of life

It’s not just petrichor… but that does make the days seem much better.  When dark clouds hang over city lights… it’s like the universe is truly small, reality is containable, inescapable, but close and friendly.  Such a bizarre flurry of sensations and impressions from the simplest action imaginable at a perfectly ordinary time.

-Rick Stevens

3. The Best Medicine!


Simple Pleasures of life

So, it will readily make my list as one of the simple pleasures in life that I do enjoy.

-Sotonye Anga

4. Captured memories!

That shine in my eyes whenever I go through old family picture albums! Every picture has a story. Crazy cousins, the oddly funny dressing styles, people you’ve lost touch with, and saying “I wish I can re-live this time”.

Simple Pleasures of life-Neha Kariyaniya

5. City Love!

Making paper hats out of brochures in the middle of the night while hanging out with your significant other, his two brothers and their friend.

Simple Pleasures of life

I miss my New York simple pleasures…

-Lisa Lane

6. Most Basic Yet Most Beautiful!

Simple Pleasures of life

I’m not being flippant. Mindful breathing, the simplest and most taken for granted of activities is actually one of the most pleasant, healthy, relaxing and satisfying things you can do.

-Simon Gardner

7. Adventure Time!

Diving into a swimming pool.

Although it has been a long time, I really enjoy platform diving. The time between your feet leaving the platform and touching the water, is just astonishing, you experience weightlessness and there is nothing at all on your mind.

Simple Pleasures of life

-Himanshu Tambi

8. Music and Mood

When I’m riding my bike and the music playing on the iPod matches perfectly to my mood, the environment, the time.

Simple Pleasures of life

-Benjamin Schmidt

9. Treasured Times!

Some mornings, before bed, myself, wife, and my 18 months old baby girl do three way hugging and kiss each other repeatedly,. I kiss my wife, then kiss my baby girl, then my wife kiss her, and my baby girl will kiss both of us back. Priceless moment, and it cures any bad day I have at work.

Simple Pleasures of life

I`m a blessed man.

-David Wanye Ika

10. Mommy Moments!

Listening to my kids talk to each other and helping each other figure out how the world works… It’s wonderful to hear when they get it right and sometimes hilarious when they come up with a different idea for how things should work… 🙂

-Brooks Cutter

11. Mind melting into the sand!

You’re sitting on the sand looking at the waves lashing at the shore and you take a moment to watch the beautiful clear sky, you absentmindedly dip your fingers into the sand…oh that sensation!
Simple Pleasures of life-Ankita Vijaykumar

How amazing is it to be able to live the little gems of happiness! We surely loved these moments shared by these beautiful people. What about you? Do you have some moments which you consider to be the simple pleasures of  your life? Share with us in the comments section below.

Source of the Quotes: Quora

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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