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A hug is that expression of affection which has the power to bring people close to our hearts. And that is not just true for the hugs that we all so lovingly give to our loved ones, but it it applies to the entire human race.

The world has been divided by so many means and on so many grounds and agendas that people forget that they are basically humans first, and then a part of some community or religion or group or sect. The dividing forces compel people to not trust each other, and that is the biggest defeat for all humans.

You all must have heard about the Manchester Attacks which happened on 22 May 2017 in England and not only that terrible attack killed and injured many innocent people, but in wake of that incident, a lot of people were made victims of hate crimes as well. In that scenario, a Youtuber named Bako, who runs the channel, The Life Of Bako decided to do a social experiment to see whether hatred could kill the spirit of humanity or not.

On 26th May, he stood on a busy Manchester street blindfolded, with a signboard kept beside him which read, “I’m Muslim and I trust You. Do you trust me enough for a hug?”

Youtube/The Life Of Bako

With that message, he stood there with his arms opened for people to come and hug him.

Youtube/The Life Of Bako

Two of his friends, Ahmad and Abdullah were shooting the entire thing and when Bako received his first hug, that moment came out to be victorious not just for that young man, but also for the entire human race.

Youtube/The Life Of Bako

What happened in the next few minutes, surprised everyone, and Bako was certainly overwhelmed. He wrote on his channel, “Making this video has been a great experience, the warmth and love I felt from each hug was truly wonderful.”

people queuing for hugs
Youtube/The Life Of Bako

Even as a viewer, when I got to see the response of people coming towards him, assuring him that he was one of them, that he was not alone and that he was doing a great job, I too had the most peaceful smile on my face. The things that people said to him while hugging him surely makes us believe that humanity indeed is still alive in the hearts of people.

Youtube/The Life Of Bako

Men, women, kids, elderly, people on wheelchairs, everybody wanted to hug him, so much so that at certain times there formed a queue of people who waited for their turn to give him their humane love. Just look at the love that he received.

Youtube/The Life Of Bako

One of my personal favorite moments were the ones in which parents brought their kids, and the kids enthusiastically hugged Bako. This kind of upbringing is surely going to be of the kind, which can make us believe that our future generations too will have humanity in their hearts.

Youtube/The Life Of Bako

The social experiment done by Bako showed him and the world that no matter how much hatred some sections of the world population may want to spread, but they cannot break the bond that all humans share. Somewhere, someone will always come forward to show the beautiful face of humans, and this time Bako was that young man who helped the world see what hugs can do to bring people closer and make them trust not only each other but in the future of mankind as well.

Check out the entire video to truly understand how hugs and love in general can make the world a happy place to live.

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