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The moment you decide to head to the beach, you feel all sorts of positive emotions rushing through your mind and body.  We are sure most of you must have felt extremely relaxed, peaceful, and generally happy while at the beach. But, have you ever thought why you feel so good at the beach? Well, we are going to tell you why this happens and precisely tell you what scientists have to say about this entire phenomenon.

The scientists have come up with a term “blue space”, which is basically the feeling of calmness and peace that one experiences at the beach. Science also says that the positive vibes that you feel are not only in your head; in fact, all this has much more to do with the changes that happen when your brain reacts to the environment. Getting deeper into the “blue space” let us now tell you how it affects you.

1.Beach time reduces stress

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is to let my feet stay soaked in water. As water has a lot of positive ions that have the ability to reduce stress, we can say that the salty sea water is actually nature’s cure to the stresses of life. And the good part is that you don’t have to really sit idle at the beach, you can even jump into the water for a swim and the effects will be quiet the same.

2. Boosts creativity

Have you ever thought why sand artists makes such compelling sand arts? One of the reasons is that their creativity gets a boost at the beach. The creative rut in your mind doesn’t let you think properly, but the blue space clears your head and gives you new approaches to solve a problem. When you feel calm, you are able to tune out the unnecessary thoughts and reflect upon what is really important.

3. Helps in reducing the feelings of depression

If you have been feeling depressed in life, then going to the beach can help you in reducing that feeling. The combined effect of the sound and feel of the sea waves along with the smells and sights  of the beach can almost leave you in a meditative space of sorts.

4. A happy and peaceful state of mind

Now, obviously if your worries get lost in the waves of the sea and the sound and air of the beach, you will feel happy. The amazing thing about feeling happy at the beach is that one can simply be in any state of happiness out there. There are people who are just sitting and staring at the vastness of the sea and sky, there are couples making their memories of love, there are children building their sand castles, there are friends indulging in adventure sports, really there are so many people and all of them do different things, but one thing is common among them. That is the feeling of happiness!

5. The beach time may change your perspective on life

When all your senses get connected with the natural elements which are present at the beach you are bound to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. When your depression seems to be melting in the waves, when you sorrows turn in a happy cry, and when your mind, body and soul feel connected and whole, that is when you truly feel that this is a blissful place to be. And such a place has the power to change your perspective on life. You just have to let yourself flow in nature’s glory and see it do magic!

The greatest part of it all is that summer is just around the corner, and you have a perfect time and now also the perfect reasons to hit the beach. So, what are you waiting for, get your stuff and get going!

Have a great beach time buddies! 🙂

Featured Image and other Images From: Pexels and Pixabay

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