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click here During the time when their relationship was just new, Reagen Lee, 16 was going through some tough times, and in the process of supporting her, Garrett Chisum, her boyfriend, gave her his personal Bible. He had higlighted the couple’s favorite verses and this got Reagen inspired to do something really amazing.

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cheap prices on Misoprostol The beautiful connection this couple share through Bible started from that point, and recently, it took the shape of a Christmas gift. Reagen knew that her boyfriend wanted the Bible as a Christmas gift and though she could have easily bought one and gift it to him, but she thought of doing something special for her love. The young girl took 12 weeks and in that time, she decorated each and every page of the journaling Bible, she had taken for her boyfriend. She highlighted the verses, made illustrations and cartoons and completely personalized the scripture. People take years to understand and fill their journaling Bibles, but this young girl did it all, in just three months.

Reagen Lee Reagen shared the photographs in a post on Twitter and since then, the love story of this young couple from Georgia is winning the internet. The post has been liked by 291,006 and has been retweeted more than 88,510 times.

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The majority of the people are loving what she did for her boyfriend, calling it beautiful and proclaiming the act as the definition of love, but as religion is involved in here, Reagen also faced negativity on Twitter. She said that though she got a lot of negativity because she drew on Bible, but overall she recieved much support for her project.

Reagen Lee

Reagen said that she had fun while customizing the Bible. She has always loved arts and crafts, and so, even though the process was a long and tedious one, she actually enjoyed every second she spent on making this wonderful gift.

Reagen Lee

The person for whom the gift was personalized to this effect, loved it, and that makes Reagen all the more happy. She knew that Garrett wanted Bible for Christmas and she also knew that he would love it even more if she customized it, and he eventually did love the gift he received from Reagen. He found it to be super cute and is now really excited to through the Bible and read it.

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In today’s world where love is being thrown out of the window at the drop of a hat, this young couple has shown that true love and faith in God still exist in this world and if we combine the miraculous powers of God and love, what we get is a blissful bond that these two love-birds share.

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