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Roderick Olson is one of those compassionate and caring humans still present in this world, who value the life of animals so beautifully that you are bound to be inspired by this man. Olson, a horse rancher from Soldier Grove, Wisconsin has always had quite a few horses with him all his life. There is one special horse, named Zaxson, who is blind, but that has made no difference to his relationship with Olson.

In a story that was put up on the official YouTube account of Great Big Story on 19th September 2016, Olson is shown to have created a very special bond with Zaxson. Olson had got his beloved horse 21 years ago, and some 10 years back, he noticed that Zaxson was going blind. Olson says that in such a situation, most farm owners and horse keepers usually just leave their horses. But that was not the case with Olson, who just could not put him down or leave him any where to die, so he decided to keep him and since then, they have come a long way.

YouTube/Great Big Story
YouTube/Great Big Story

Initially, it was difficult for the both of them to get accustomed to the situation. But years of togetherness, has now resulted in a deep trust between the two. According to Olson, Zaxson now believes that he has got eyes. The way Olson trained and treated his horse made all the difference and now Zaxson trusts his master, and so does Olson. Together they do everything that a normal horse does with his master. Olson agrees that though riding Zaxson is a little different, because he is very careful, but that never stops them from going up to the hills or down to the canyon or by the pond or from running at high speeds on clear grounds because basically Zaxson loves running and with Olson, he is free to do whatever he feels like because he trusts his best friend.

YouTube/Great Big Story
YouTube/Great Big Story

Olson says that he never thought that Zaxson could be useless to him. Probably, because of this faith that his master had on him, even Zaxson never thought of quitting and you have to see how lovingly he takes Olson on his back for rides. Olson says that he would like to stick around in this world for a while, and if he goes blind, he would hope that they keep him. Possibly, this is the reason why he is taking care of his horse, because for him, the value of life doesn’t end if one loses his sight. Life can still be nurtured and Olson has proved that love and compassion can do miracles.

Such thoughts and beliefs have made him the person that Zaxson needs, to be a happy horse in this world. Zaxson may have lost his eyesight, but Olson did not make him lose the will to live and enjoy life. Take a look at the video and you will be amazed by this special friendship.

The video has been loved by the people and has had 106,233 views till the time we saw it and decided to share it with you.

Isn’t it beautiful to see such a bond between an animal and a human? In a world, where cruelty against animals is not stopping, these two simply melted our hearts. What do you have to say about this special relationship? Tell us in the comments section and help us in spreading this heartwarming story of a human-animal bond, so that people realize that blind animals are not to be put down, they need our love and if we give it to them, they love us even more.

Feature Image Source: YouTube Screenshot from Great Big Story

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