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Today is World Earth Day, a day on which people strive to do things which go a long way on the path of environment protection and people also make resolutions to make Earth a better place, but the sad part is that we find our Mother Earth ailing even more day-by-day. And in this scenario it’s very unusual to find someone or something which tries to make our world a better place and they just don’t give up on it. The team of Smile To Shine respects them to the core. One such brand name is Tesla and the person behind that name is Elon Musk. Most of us know him for other companies too like SpaceX and Hyperloop, but Tesla remains to be one of the most important aspects of his life. A part, which is not just doing great things for our environment and its sustainable development, but in our belief, is altering the course of history towards making the planet cleaner and greener.

Morgan Stanley has said that Tesla is the world’s most important car company. A 2014 American nationwide survey found that Tesla Model S was the most loved vehicle in America. Hearing  such things about Tesla couldn’t keep us from telling our readers  how  Tesla works to make our planet shine in the glory of  sustainable  development.

The problem with electric cars before Tesla was that no one took them seriously as there wasn’t any one practical, good looking and fun-to-drive car. Instead, those electric cars looked quirky and quite like some strange automotive products.

General Motors EV1

The combustion car owners used to look at electric car owners with raised eyebrows. Such was the perception about electric cars till late 1990’s. Then came Tesla in 2003 and not only did it break all stereotypes against electric cars, it set its goal on making one of the most efficient electric cars, which would be practical to drive, safe, noise-free and fast and would look like a dream when it would come on roads. Tesla in fact had a bigger challenge, and that was to make people sit up and take notice of the car so that no illogical hater could confront a Tesla car. And coming through the years, today Tesla cars are one of the most desired cars by automobile lovers throughout the world.

But how did it all happen? Though many people believe that Tesla was founded by Elon Musk, but that is not exactly the case. In fact, Musk came on board as the Chairman in 2004 with Tesla. Right from the initial days at Tesla, Musk’s aim has been to produce a mass-market electric vehicle for everyone.

He oversaw the detailed design of Tesla’s first car, the Roadster, and for that he received the Global Green 2006 Product Design Award. It was the first production electric vehicle with a range of over 200 miles on a single charge. In the later years, Tesla received decent investments from prominent entrepreneurs. But the company was hit by the infamous Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and had to cut down workforce by 10%.

electric car
Tesla Roadster

In that year only, Musk became the CEO, and contributed $70 million of his own money into the company following the financial crisis.  Such was his strength and belief in the vision of an electric car and zero emission travelling.

Around 2012, Tesla unveiled the Model S, the flagship model for them. But in 2013 things again went downhill, so much so that Musk was about to sell Tesla to Google, but things worked out well in the end of that year and Tesla went on track to reach its dream of building an electric car for the common man.

Tesla Model S

In 2015 Tesla unveiled the Tesla Model X, company’s first Crossover SUV and after that came the car which made it reach to the goal. In 2016, Tesla unveiled the Model 3, the dream car which was built for the common man. It is that car, which is pegged at 35,000 USD, can do a range of about 215 miles in one charge and does a 0-60 MPH under 6 seconds.

Tesla Model 3

But why are we talking about Tesla in so much prominence? Or Why Tesla is so prominent and important for our Earth? Well for a start, it’s a fully electric car unlike any other hybrid and the only fluid that the car needs is the wiper fluid. Apart from being the car which leads to no pollution there are some other factors as well, which make it one of the best cars today. Those factors are-

  • There’s no noise and vibration in electric cars.
  • It has instant torque and acceleration just like any other from the BIG 3.
  • It’s much safer than any other standard car, since it has no engine

BMW and Mercedes Benz are also following suit and trying to make something like the Model S. In fact, there are even reports of Apple and Google trying to make electric cars. But no one really appreciates the fact that entire automotive industry was doing the same thing to get customers to buy their products for almost a hundred years, namely; putting flammable liquid in confined metal cylinders and generating power from it. And then came the Tesla, which burned the old norms like we have burnt the non- renewable flammable liquid and made history.

It doesn’t just produce electric vehicles to be run now, it is well on its way to make a fully vibrant electric car industry, and the accompanying infrastructure to change the world and make it a lot more liveable place for our future generations.


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Please Share If This Made You Happy
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