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For any media outlet, be it a big media company or a small-time website owner and blogger like me, the time around the New Year’s is such that they almost always cover something related to New Year’s resolutions. And even I had been on a lookout for some topic on which I could write, but frankly, didn’t get something worth publishing till now, even if we have crossed an entire week of the year 2017. By now, I had actually lost all hopes that I would even publish something related to the resolutions, which by the way I wanted to, because this is the first New Year that my website Smile To Shine has seen. But, as fate would have it, I stumbled upon this video of a little girl, who is talking about New Year’s resolutions. And I simply fell in love with her and just could not resist myself from sharing this Angel’s views on the concept of New Year’s Resolutions. But first things first, let her wish you all a Happy New Year.


This girl was only 4-years-old, when this video was put up. This video was uploaded on 1st Jan 2016 by YouTuber Tingman, who happens to be the father of the little girl. Now, obviously the man must have taught everything to his daughter, but the sweetness with which she says it all just won our hearts. Technically, I  may have written some portions of what she says in this blog post, but she says it all so adorably that I wouldn’t want to take a single word spoken by her and write here, she deserves to be just heard, with all your heart. Take a look below:

This video may have been uploaded last year, but each and every thing that the little girl says about the importance of change and the importance of all the little moments that we get in life to change, are literally what the world can use for forever. We totally agree with whatever she says; not just because she is so cute, but because she is right.

How much do you agree with her? If you believe her words are worth being spread, then we would request that you share this article with each and every person you love. The world really needs some good advice and that coming from an adorable little girl may just be the best thing they get to see today.

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