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The day one gets married is one of the happiest and the most memorable day in a person’s life. The bride and the groom, all their friends and relatives just make sure that everything is perfect; be it the dresses, the decorations, the food and even the guest list. Some very special guests attended the wedding of Kinsey French, a Special Education teacher at the Christian Academy’s Rock Creek campus, situated in Louisville. Just take a look at these guests and you will know why they made the wedding all the more special, so much so that everyone was left teary eyed.

The special guests
Image Credits: Lang Thomas Photography

These lovely guests are the students of Kinsey French, who teaches at the Christian Academy’s Providence School, which is designed to teach kids with Down syndrome. The kids were the first class French ever had and they had been her only class, so she had decided it earlier itself, that her special day would have all of them, and we must say, the kids are as happy as the bride.

Image credits: Lang Thomas Photography

Reaction of the kids- Just priceless!

The kids came beautifully and perfectly dressed for the occasion and had a ball of a time. The students told a news network that the favorite parts of this special day were food and the dancing. They all danced their way to happiness and made great memories.

Image credits: Lang Thomas Photography

A beautiful wedding

The bride and the groom were very happy to have the kids at their wedding. French was actually super happy to see her students there and said, “it was really special for Josh and myself just to have them a part of the day, and have them come with us and celebrate with us.”

Image credits: Lang Thomas Photography

French made her day all the more memorable by inviting her students and we are sure these memories are going to last a lifetime in the hearts of anyone who saw the kids enjoying the wedding of their teacher. This wedding was certainly so beautiful that even we are overwhelmed with happiness, looking at the smiling faces of the kids.

Feature Image Source: Lang Thomas Photography

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Please Share If This Made You Happy
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