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What can you expect at a Book Festival? Loads of books on display, book-reading sessions by the authors, a captivated audience listening to the author about his work, and things, on these lines. What one cannot expect is the springing up of a marriage proposal and even more unbelievable is that fact that the question came from Tom Hanks! Really a surprising moment, right?

Tom Hanks was present at the Texas Book Festival on November 4th, to talk about his book, ‘Uncommon Type: Some Stories.’ Associated Press reported that during the Q&A session, Hanks surprised everyone with his words, which he said to help a man give the ultimate proposal to his girlfriend. After taking many questions from the audience, Hanks said at one point that he was bored of taking the questions, and would want to ask one himself. It was then that he took out a piece of paper as if to read out a question he had already prepared.

The Oscar-Winning Actor then announced that there was a man in the crowd, Ryan McFarling who had a question for a woman named Nikki Young, and then he said the words, “Nikki, Will You Marry Me?” On behalf of Ryan, Hanks popped the question and obviously, Nikki was very surprised by this super awesome proposal.

Image Source: Twitter/Texas Book Festival

The couple then came to the stage, where Ryan got down on his knees to officiate the marriage proposal by giving the ring to the love of his life. And thankfully, for both Hanks and Ryan, Nikki said ‘YES.’ Hanks later hugged Nikki and gave his best wishes to the couple.

Image Source: Twitter/Texas Book Festival

Not just Nikki, but everyone was very surprised by this special marriage proposal in which Tom Hanks played such an important role. Texas Book Festival caught the moment on camera and shared it on their Twitter account.

Tom Hanks really made this moment very special for Nikki and her fiance, and for the world as well, because let’s face it, there are not many instances where a Hollywood star helped a man propose to his girl, and when that happened here, it gave the world a new point of view to look at stars, who have the same heart as ours. And although, we never needed any more reasons to love Tom Hanks more than we already do; but after this, we will always look at him with great amounts of love and respect. What do you say?

Feature Image Source: Twitter/Texas Book Festival

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