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The costumes of your little cowboys and princesses are ready, their bags and other accessories are just being finalized; the mood is totally festive with a little chill in the air, which is soaking the smell of the pumpkins.

Halloween is about to come, and the children are super excited for their favorite holiday. The trick-or-treating is obviously their most favorite part, but with great fun comes great responsibilities, especially on the part of the parents. It may take just a single incident of carelessness and things can get get out of control.

You as parents should be aware of some safety tips that must also be told and taught to your kids from the very beginning, so that they get used to it year-by-year.

Take a look at some of trick-or-treating safety tips, which will make your Halloween only a happy one:

1. Plan the route you are going to take

On that evening, you and your kids are going to be walking several streets away from you house, so it is going to be much better if you just plan out the route you are going to take. Rope in your child in this and select only those paths and streets, you and child are familiar with. Even if your children are going with their friends, discuss the route with them, so that you know they will be around only those areas, which you deem safe for them. One adult should still always be with the group.

2. Leave the masks at home
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We know, you child loves them, but on the Halloween night, when already there will be so many kids on the streets, a mask will reduce the visibility of your child. The way a mask may cover the face of your child, may create vision problems, or even breathing problems. A better idea would be that you use a safe paint on the face of your child to complete the look of the costume and character.

3. Take care of the dresses
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There are too many things that need to be taken care of when we talk about the costume. Right from the mask, which we discussed earlier; to the need for comfortable shoes; you will have to make sure that the costume or any of its parts don’t compromise on the safety and comfort of your kid. The dress should not be too free-flowing, the material should be comfortable, the props with the dresses should be either of plastic or rubber and never anything which can be dangerous either for your kids or their friends. Pick up costumes which are bright in color so that your kid is easily visible. If you have a dark-colored dress, then have them wear glow necklaces or hand them glow sticks.

4. Road safety

It is very important that your child knows the simple traffic rules in general, and especially on the occasion of trick-or-treating. They should be aware that they need to stop and look in both directions before crossing the road, they should only cross a light when there is the proper “walk” signal.

Although you should not be driving that day, but if you have to, then keep your headlights on the entire time (but not the high beams) even if it’s not completely dark. Also, drive with extra caution because there will be many kids on the streets and you never know when they can just suddenly jump in, so be prepared.

5. Going to known houses and steering clear of strangers
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Tell your kids to only go to the neighbors they know. They should neither be going to houses of people they don’t know, nor should they be taking anything from any stranger, no matter how amazing a thing he may be giving. The kids should also not go into the houses while trick-or-treating. The homeowner would mostly be ready to give candies on the porch itself, and if this doesn’t happen then just tell your kids that in such a situation, they should simply turn and walk away.

6. Designate a time for return

If your child is going for trick-or-treating without you, then make sure that they are given a designated time by which they should be returning back. And also tell them to not take lifts from any stranger. They should be with their friends all the time, and should also return with them.

7. No eating while collecting

Your child should be aware that he does not have to eat while collecting his candies. The kids are curious beings, and they may just want to have a candy before reaching home. You can actually give them candies from your own home, if at all they feel the need to munch on something.

8. Inspecting the candies and goodies
Image Credit: Getty Images
Image Credit: Getty Images

When your kids return back with their bag full of candies, the first thing that you should do is- inspect the loot. Discard any candy which is not in the original wrapper or the ones whose wrappers are broken or torn from between. Do not even give the fruits or homemade treats; because you don’t know the quality of it and what all went into making that homemade treat. If your child particularly has some food allergies, then you should be extra careful.
For the kids with food allergies, there is also a Teal Pumpkin Project going on, in which the houses which have a teal colored pumpkin outside try to tell you that they have non-food goodies.
For more details on the Teal Pumpkin Project, CLICK HERE.

We hope that by following the trick-or-treating safety tips, you always have a great holiday and your kids only enjoy this festival.

Stay safe and Have a Happy Halloween. 🙂

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Please Share If This Made You Happy
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