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Letting someone know what they mean to us not only makes them happy, but also gives a boost of joy in our hearts when we are able to show our love. Today’s world is filled with various technologies through which we can express our love by saying anything, and all these ways are great. But, twin brothers from Italy, Andrea and Elena Solari wanted to do something that could help people share their feelings in a simple yet meaningful and profound way!

Their special idea was born out of this need to help people let their loved ones know that they are thinking about them, which has become even more important during the time when this World has been fighting a Pandemic.

We all realized the importance of the love we have for people in our lives when so many of us had to stay away and even alone during these times. In trying to dispel the darkness of such times, the two brothers created and conceived Two Touches Lamp, which is a set consisting of two lamps that are shared with the people you love and when one of them wants to know that they are thinking of the other person, all they have to do is touch their lamp, and that will light up the lamp, kept with the other person. Read on further to know more about this unique idea and what the creators have to say about it.

Two Touches Lamp
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How does the Two Touches Lamp work?

The package that gets delivered to you consists of two lamps with a figure of a man or a woman along with a cable to be connected to the socket. You can then share one of those lamps with your specific person. Each one of you needs to connect the lamp to their Wi-Fi with an android app. Once the connections are done, you only have to touch the lamp at your side, and that will light up the other lamp. You all can customize the lamp to light up in three colors- red, blue or green.


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This simple and unfiltered way of sharing your feelings is something that we all can take the help of in this highly cluttered world of technology where at times we get too bothered with the barrage of messages.

Sometimes, we don’t have anything specific to say, yet we want to tell the ones we love that we are thinking of them; whether that is during the morning, night, or even those lonely moments when they are missed and yet we are unable to word our feelings because let’s face it, how many of us actually say what we feel. By sharing these lamps, we only have to light them up and the other person will know that they are being missed.

What the creators have to say about their special product?

We had the privilege of talking to the Creators, who told us about the ideas behind their product. They said that nowadays, it is easy to communicate on WhatsApp, but they wanted their message to be different. Sharing their views, they added, “It would be nice to go home after a tiring day at work and to know that the person we love has thought about it, and a little light awaits you at home. A little thing that can make a bad day better. A little light that can mean a lot: I thought of you, good morning, good night, I miss you…”

The brothers also shared that the response to their lamps has been quite amazing, as people understood the real message they intended to share. It makes them happy to know that now people who live far away have a new but simple way of sharing their feelings.

On being asked as to why did they choose these figures for the lamp, they told us that they wanted to go beyond the shape, that’s why the simple figures. One of them said,

“What we want to communicate is that we all need to share our feelings with the people we love when we have and feel they need them, that is when a simple gesture can help, and that is exactly what we wanted to give to the people.”

They hope that many people return to their homes and find a small light, full of feelings. With many more projects on their mind, the twins have only started to make an impact, and we can definitely expect them to come up with greater products in the days to come.

Impact of Covid-19

Just like many other businesses around the World, they also faced some issues and had to stop the work for some time. But, the brothers had a positive outlook towards it all, which gave them the reasons to give to people who now understood way better the pains of staying away from their loved ones. People could now value the importance of simple feelings that go a long way in strengthening the bonds of love between them. This in retrospect, made things easier for the brothers, as during and after the Lockdown, the importance of love of our loved ones has increased manifold.

How to get your lamps?

Firstly, we would like to put a disclaimer here that this is not a paid promotion and the only reason we have shared this story and the product with you all is because, we fell in love with the concept.


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Now, coming to how you can order the lamps, if you want for yourself and your loved ones, then please visit the website of Two Touches Lamp, and get in contact with the team, who will do the needful. Also, you can check up the full set-up guide and other important details about the magical Two Touches Lamp.

Just as a conclusive parting thought, we would say that this special lamp can actually be a great gifting idea for the festive season, and to help someone start the new year on a lighter note, one that can help them feel special and loved.

And one last thing before we go,

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Lots of love and blessings from our side.

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