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You guys must be wondering what kind of a question I am reading in the title of this article. But, let me assure you that these words have the power to change your life. That’s true! Just allow me to explain and then I will be ready for all your questions.

It’s all in the mind…

Well, you see most of us are accustomed to a negative thought pattern due to many reasons that may include our experiences, the nature of our conditioning throughout childhood and a tendency to be pessimistic in life. In this background, the question that people usually ask themselves in any given situation is this… ” What’s the worst that can happen?” And that is where the problem starts because we have already given that situation a negative hold. This is where I am inviting all of you to change one single word in that question, so that you don’t see the WORST, rather see the BEST of anything that can happen.

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So, the question we all shall ask ourselves whenever in doubt about anything is, “What’s the best that could happen?” What this question will do is that it’ll take your mind to find the different possibilities of all the best things that can happen and when those solutions crop up in your mind, you will see optimism and positivity floating in your mind. Instead of pondering over the negative outcomes, we will be lost in the streets of positivity, where we can get many solutions to that said problem we are facing as of now.

What happens when we choose positivity?

When we give our mind a positive push, the mind gives us back positive outcomes and think about it, is it not what you really want. The possibility of the best happening in your life can give you so much relief at first, and then you are bound to be excited for all the great things that are coming to you.

Let’s do this exercise whenever we are faced with a problem or just any situation that demands our attention in thought. Don’t think of the worst possible scenario, go for the best possible scene and visualize that scene happening on the screen of your mind. The first thing that you will get is a big smile on your face, seeing the best of what you want and then your mind and heart will get pumped up for they have seen an amazing scenario.

The thing is that we all have the power to choose whatever we want to think about, it really is as simple as that. And when we tend to think in the wrong direction, how do you think anything right can happen in your life? Thinking of the good things already in life and being grateful for them is a good start if you want to have a positive outlook. Simply, don’t focus on the negative and you won’t have negative outcomes. In other, more compelling words.. simply, focus on the positive things and have positive outcomes.

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I understand all of it is not that easy, especially when our mind has been conditioned to go to negative thoughts first, but trust me on this one, when we consciously try to be in the zone of positivity, we tend to give ourselves a push which later brings better things in our life. So, think of it as a favor that you have to do for a better life and don’t tell me you don’t want a better and a happier life. Everyone wants that and for that to happen, you have to change your mindset, if you are already not a super positive person.

Ask the question, “What’s the best that could happen?” Let these words sink into the repository of your mind and then jump into the pool of positivity your mind has to offer with answers to that question. Try doing it for some time and with some things in your life and see the changes. And yes, please be patient with yourself, coming out of that negative conditioning may take some time. Don’t think that these pushes are going in vain because nothing positive ever goes in vain. Your bright future will thank your positive mindset, which is going to get a great push when you ask yourself, what’s the best that could happen?!

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Hope you guys find this useful; if you do please tell us your experiences. Ciao 🙂

Featured Image Source: Photo by i love simple beyond from Pexels

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