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It so happened, that yesterday, when I was out with my brother having lunch at a restaurant, my eyes fell and fixated on a duo. This duo was that of a grandpa and his beloved grandson. The old man looked well into his 70s, who was accompanied by a friend of his, almost the same age, a man young enough to be his son and a little child, of almost 3 or 4 years of age. The young man and the friend of the old man were eating their meals and chit chatting among the group, but there was this one action going on there which made me fall in love with that moment. I saw the old man, very lovingly feed his grandchild. The dedication with which the grandpa of that child was making him eat his food, showed that there was tremendous amount of love there. The grandpa would very slowly and delicately cut out the Idlis with a spoon, dip them in Sambhar and then would take the spoon to that child’s mouth, wit his other hand just below the face of the child, to make sure that his clothes don’t get dirty. He seemed oblivious to the world around, because his only focus was on the child. And the child also seemed just so confident that he is with someone who is always going to take care of all his needs and happily ate every bite. The restaurant was almost full, but this duo was in their own world, and when I saw that, I got to witness the sweetest moment of tender love and care between a child and his grandparent.

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I had decided that I would share this story with my readers just for the sheer joy of being able to witness this sweet moment and also to share the fact that such tender love does exist in this world. And amazingly enough, today the world is celebrating the ‘Celebration of Life Day,’ a day which is marked by appreciating children and grandchildren. Now, obviously, the old man that I saw at the restaurant was not showering love on his grandchild to mark this day, but it seemed that his love was something that the grandchild always gets and he loves his grandpa for that. The timing that I got to share this story with you all became special, because I could wish you all on this day, by giving a beautiful story of moment of tender love and care that was being shared by that sweet duo.

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I somehow feel that grandparents kind of love their grand kids like each day is a Celebration of Life Day. Most grandparents may not even know that such a exists, and their love is never dependent on a special day. For them, every day that they get with their bundles of joy is joyous day. This I am also saying from my own experience. My maternal grandparents love me loads, and every time I visit to their place, I find their faces glowing each time I greet them lovingly. I know, not all grandparents are like that, and some of you may even argue that old people sometimes tend to not love you, but the fact is that they are actually wanting to spend some time with you, and if you give so much as even a few minutes, they will be really happy. I see that happiness on my grandparent;s faces and frankly I love them a lot, so I get reciprocated with more love from their side, Just like we expect them to love us, we should be ready to love them too. In my opinion, the Celebration of Life Day, should mark the love that unites people through the thread of life; any and every life is beautiful, be is that of the young ones or the old ones. If we are to celebrate this day, and as kids we expect our elders to shower us with gifts, then don’t you think we should also respect the lives because if whom we are actually living this life?!

So, this Celebration of Life Day, let us all strive to value life at every level and spread love everywhere.

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