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I know some of you will simply say, what kind of a rubbish question is this! Some of you may even judge me, and feel that this person has no love right now, and so, she is questioning the existence of love. Don’t get me wrong guys, I too am a believer of true love, and would want to feel all the feelings associated with it. But, seriously, don’t you think that kind of love is lost these days?

Surely, people are in relationships, and some of them are enjoying it to the core. But, how many of them truly love each other? The kind of love which will never bow down under societal, professional or parental pressure, the kind of love which will never betray the trust, the kind of love which will make us protect each other’s hearts with utmost dedication and care, the kind of love in which not just your body, but even your soul longs to meet your lover. Well, as far as I am seeing, such love is losing out to the world of internet dating where you break-up this moment, and the next moment, you are planning a date with the next available person.

Dating is on, but where is the love? Surely, we need time to know a person to a level where we can make the decision, whether this guy is the one for us or not. But, think about it, can this be love if you have to ‘think’ about it? Yes, there are certain things we all want in our life-partners, but if you were ready to come out on a date with him, then he must have crossed some ticks on your list for sure, otherwise he wouldn’t simply be there.

The problem is that most of us are not ready to feel love. And everybody seems to be having their own reasons for not wanting to fall in love, even if deep down inside our hearts, we all are waiting for that prince charming. Some are giving their entire focus to career, some have no patience to be tied down by a relationship, some are betrayed and heartbroken, some are commitment phobic, and the list goes on and on. Obviously, there is no harm in being single; that is also a phase to cherish. What I am basically trying to say is that when we get in relationships, why are we not feeling the love that can transcend all the differences and difficulties.

Recently, a picture was all over social media, in which there was this old couple, who had died almost hand-in-hand. Why don’t we see such love stories these days? Was true love, true, only back then? Are we very easily breaking up as an entire generation and just moving forward to the next option? Can’t we keep our egos aside and give love a winning edge? Can’t our heart win the battles? All these questions keep running in our minds, and we keep waiting for that love, and in the process, we keeping kissing the frogs. The frogs leave such a bad taste in our mouths that we don’t even want to look out for our prince charming any more. We lose the hopes of ever falling in love and accept that we will always be someone who is too strong to want anybody in our life.

We are and we all should be strong, there can never be a doubt on this one, but we should not forget that love of a special someone does give us some special happiness. We can be absolutely fine living without our partners, but living in someone’s heart will indeed make us live more beautifully.

Even though the situation is quite grim on this front, but I would still want to believe that love is not dead, I would still want to hear and read some true love stories, I would still want to wait for my love, I would still want to only be madly, deeply and crazily in love with someone, till then I am loving my single status because yes, I do love myself too. 😉


True love is truly beautiful and that needs to be there in our lives, and more than that we all need to accept that we should love from the depth of our souls, otherwise things will always just be OKAY, and never truly magical!

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