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Aahhh, the first love and it’s sweet memories! No matter at what stage of life we reach, we usually never forget that person we loved for the very first time. Those butterflies, those sweet nothings, those sleepless nights, those moments when we missed them terribly and wanted to be only with them all day long! Now, some of these things might still be there in your subsequent relationships, but the unadulterated nature of THE first love is simply unmatched. Although, people can’t really explain as to why they are never able to forget their first love, some things can be explained and understood with the help of the following points:

1. The Euphoria of all things related to the ‘First Love’

When we fall in love for the very first time, we tend to become a little confused in the starting. Those feelings are felt for the first time, and we experience it all in it’s most raw form. We get our’first kiss’, our ‘first bond’ outside of the family, and this really makes our world go upside down, for all the positive reasons obviously.

2. An incomparable feeling

As we feel everything for the first time, any subsequent relationship may not be able to give the same kind of feeling. You may be with ‘The One’ right now, but you will always have some secret special place in your heart for your first love.

3. Magical Intensity

Now, because we reach some unknown and uncharted territories, we tend to give our all to it. The intensity is quite powerful, and even though our first love usually comes up when we are kids and most probably too naive to truly understand what really love is, the whole concept of it happening for the time makes us feel it with a very strong intensity.

4. Beautiful and everlasting memories


ThE memories of the times we spend with our first love usually get etched for a lifetime. Though they may not mean anything to you now, especially if your lover is all that you want, but some memories from the first love will always remain in your heart. At times, these memories also become the standard you set for your next partner, and anybody who cannot surpass those standards is thought of as being not the one for us.

5. Your first heartbreak

They say a heartbreak is necessary for our growth as an individual, and just like the way we can never forget our first love, we can never forget our first heartbreak too. As the positive feelings of our first love are so deeply felt, we tend to believe that we are going to be with this person for a lifetime, and the lucky ones get to stay too. But, not everybody is so lucky in love, and they go through their first break-up. Now, these people may not be lucky in love, but this heartbreak teaches them a lot, really A LOT! Maturity comes early for them and they learn to handle pain.

6. The nature of break-up may have a definitive impact on your life

There may be two ways in which you break-up with your lover. Firstly, it may be something done mutually, because at that time, staying away might be the only option with you guys, and such type of a break-up lets you be friends with your partner as you part ways on mutually agreeable terms. The second type can be the one where one partner cheats on the other person, and this may have catastrophic results as your faith in love may be broken beyond the capacity to get repaired. This type of a break-up may make the person behave in a bitter manner with almost everybody, and they may not be able handle their pain. But, this should not be the case, and people should try their best to move on in their lives. It may sound difficult, but it is needed because you should not destroy your life for a person who didn’t even love you truly.

Moving on and moving away from our first love seems like a difficult task for sure, but then just like you learn to love, you also learn to let go, and that is one very important lesson of life, which is given to you by your first love. And for that reason too, you never forget your first love!

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