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The most beautiful faces are the ones that adorn the most dazzling smiles. A smile has the power to not just simplistically express your happiness and win hearts, but it also has a ripple effect that may change things inside your body and outside, in your environment as well. Confused? Well, let me explain it by telling about some things, my smile has done for me. Although most of us are facing some or the other hardships day in and day out, but the last few months of my life have given me many reasons to just break-down. Having suffered major setbacks at personal and professional fronts, I have been trying to get up and get going, and you won’t believe, but one of the major motivations to do so came when I saw myself smiling, remembering something randomly. Yes, seems awkward, I know, but at that moment I saw myself and just blurted out, “you idiot, you have been sad for so long, that you have forgotten how you look when you smile.” And I may be crossing the boundaries of modesty here, but I tend to look somewhat pretty while I smile. So basically, that one smile did something to me, which made me resolve that I need to do it more often, not only to look nice but to feel what happiness feels like, even if there are no reasons to be happy in life. It gave me the strength to tackle my issues and gave me the hope that I too, can shine in life.

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You might be wondering, how a smile could do so much? Frankly, even I did, but then I researched on what a smile does to your body and your surroundings, and found some wonderful facts about it. Let us now take a look at how the cutest curve of the body makes us feel so good.

Changes on the inside

One of the greatest benefits of smiling, be it even a fake smile, is that our brain gets stimulated to release neurotransmitters known as endorphins, which are basically responsible to make us feel happy. The movement of facial muscles is interpreted by the brain and this leads to the release of endorphins, which not only make us feel happier, but also act as body’s natural pain killers. So, basically this is all a cycle of happiness, which gets started by a smile. The one smile emanated, leads to the release of endorphins, which in turn make us happy and we smile more.  So, now you know what you have to do to be happy, simply pull those facial muscles into a beaming smile and voila, you have started a chain reaction of happiness in your body.

Source of attraction

The best thing that you can wear to attract people around you is a smile. It makes you so much more approachable and people get the drift that you are basically a happy and a positive person to be around. Everybody is so stressed these days that nobody actually wants to be with anyone who has a negative air around him. Instead, people love hanging around people who can be happy in their lives and help spread positivity around them.

A contagious behavior
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Have you ever noticed how you are almost forced to smile, if someone smiles at you? This is the nature of a smile; it is a contagious behavior and always rubs onto people. You may be having a bad day at work, or may not be having any great reason to smile, but when someone comes to you with a beaming face, you cannot really, not return the gesture. So, we can say that a smile can make not just the person who is smiling, happy, but also people around him.

Builds confidence

We have already told you that you look more attractive while smiling, and when you demand attention from people, you tend to have more confidence in dealing with them. This is especially and truly significant at the workplace. People who smile more often are basically more popular and more likely to be trusted more than the non-smiling workers. In fact, people who smile are more productive at work. This has even been backed by research. In 2010, a research was conducted by a Professor of Economics at the Warwick Business School; Andrew Oswald, who proved that the employees who smile more are actually more creative and productive at the workplace. Co-workers tend to look up to someone who is more approachable, more attractive, more popular, more productive and more trust-worthy. And surprisingly, all this can be achieved with just a SMILE.

Can give you a long and healthy life

Do you know, smiling can actually boost your immune system? Yes, you read that correctly. When we smile, our body releases much more white blood cells, and these cells are the ones which are responsible for protecting our body against foreign invaders and infectious diseases. And science also says that people who have bigger smiles and who smile frequently live longer than the ones who don’t smile.

So, now you know that a simple smile can do so much for you, and at absolutely no cost at all. All you need to do is just smile and you can bring about some great positive changes in your life. So, what are you waiting for? Find anything that makes you smile and let it lift your lips and fill your hearts with happiness.

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Please Share If This Made You Happy
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