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“Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj karo so ab, kisi aur ke sath ladki chali jayegi,  propose karega tab?”

Translation of the above statement: Whatever you have to do, instead of doing it tomorrow, do it today, in fact why today, do it right now. When someone else will take away your girl, that is when you will ask her out?

A lot of you may have definitely checked out videos and read many articles on the lines of “10 things to do to escape procrastination.” In the forefront, I need to say that this article is not exactly here to tell how can you tackle procrastination, but it’s going to be looking life and time from a different dimension, which you will get once you get through with what I have to offer.

When people don’t take the present seriously…

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We all know some people in our circle who are experts in trying to delay anything and everything because they feel that the time is not perfect ‘NOW.’ And their usual statements about time go something like this, “I am not able to join the gym, maybe the time is not right” or even “I don’t have sufficient free time to spend quality time with my kids”. And we all know that such people then end up feeling guilty in their later stages of life, needless to add that they regret it all.

Well, the bitter truth is that a lot of us tend to take life for a ‘really big heavy rock planet’ kinda for granted. Was it an exaggeration?? For some, it may be, but for some people, it is not for they do take life for granted to that extent.

Only present is Promised…

present moment
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Poet Dr. Iqbal had said, “Faqat Imroz hai tera zamana.” It means – it is only the present which is in a man’s grip that can be turned into a fruitful opportunity. We only have this day, this minute and to be very specific, this moment to do what we really want to do. I am not saying that you live your day as if it’s the last day of your life. If that would have been the case then even the hotel staff and the airlines’ people would be on a vacation, spending their last day to the fullest.  But I am talking about a reality which is neglected by the trends of our culture very often, that we change every second. And change is of two types broadly; good and bad. You, consciously or subconsciously decide to be in any one of these two. Change is inevitable, so being consciously present to the present moment is your best bet to live life.

Nature knows everything

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A  plant grows every second, just like that. And the river flows to its destination each time.  The job of both the plant and the river is to do their work in every moment because they know that it is only the present which allows them to do it. They cannot do it tomorrow, for it shall not come, they have done it in the past but thinking about it will not let them do their best in the present. And by doing their work every second, they make a system which in turn makes them.  Those of you who are now thinking why am I needlessly blabbering about rivers and plants, just hold your horses for a few moments and you will know.

The thing is that nature understands it very well that today is a gift which is also called the present. Bingo! Heard this before? Then why do people ask for other gifts when they don’t respect the biggest gift already given to them. It’s like you have a $50 shoes and you don’t care for it because you like that $500 pair of shoes, which is out on display in a shop. Lethally dumb!

Moving forward by living in the moment…

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Let’s come to the Human body; which is made up of the five elements according to Ayurveda; Earth, water, fire, air, ether(sky in the casual terms) have all been made in a way that they move on or expand continuously. And that’s why you see people who keep moving on in life are the happiest;  holding a grudge, dwindling to the past, extreme emotional attachment to someone doesn’t let you keep moving on in life. This is not taken politely by nature, which is inside us. Those who are not in the alignment with their inner nature, can not really be on the course of happiness.

Let’s be honest to ourselves here and ask, doesn’t it feel liberating to live without anything to restrict us. Keeping up with nature and time is of utmost importance for they will let us flow to where ever we want to, if we let them take us freely. Your time is precious; use it to become healthier, use it to work on your relationships, learn something new, let go of what doesn’t serve you and keep moving forward by being present to the present. The starting line of my article states a modified version of a saying. Do it today otherwise someone else will win her tomorrow. For others, it might mean that they finish their first draft today, or even start, for some it may be the day when they join the gym.

Whatever you want to become, achieve, win tomorrow, you will have to take steps for- Today. And only today. And if you still want to hang out in the past, take the lessons from there, use it make a better version of yourself, and then live your life right now!

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