When A Woman Decides To Shape Her Life, Nothing Can Ever Stop...

When A Woman Decides To Shape Her Life, Nothing Can Ever Stop Her

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What do you think someone should do if they want to get higher education, but have no financial aid from anywhere? Do you think they should call it quits or should they take up evil means to get money? Well, the obvious answers to these questions are ‘NO’.

Students and especially girls from households which are unable to get even three square meals on their table usually get caught in the web of poverty and lose sight of a bright future they once envisioned. College students face many hard financial decisions at this juncture. As young adults they need to figure out how to pay for college, earn some spending money, and still get good education. This is a tall order for anyone, so it’s no wonder that many end up not attending college at all.

Students tend to think to themselves- “Why even think of it since I have no funding?”
Well, I say NO to such thoughts. Now, you may ask ‘Why’?
That is because I believe YOU CAN DO IT! And I have that belief for I know someone who did it, and believe me; you too can do it, if only you trust you can.

We present to you, an inspirational story of a young Nigerian woman who sponsored herself through the University. Yes, you got that right over there! Ebere Nwabuike came from a poor family, which was being handled financially by her mother who sold pap, popularly known as ‘akamu’ and her father is a retired man, who still hasn’t got his pension. With these things behind her, it was already a tough task to think of getting into the University. But, Ebere was determined that she had to be educated and so got through the admissions and got admission in the course of Agric Economics.

Now, comes the financial backing part. You must be wondering, from where did the money come? So, friends, let me tell you, this young, dynamic and courageous girl took up the business idea from her mother; that of selling pap.  It was with the proceeds she made from selling akamu that she got through her studies at college. ‘Akamu’ as it is popularly called by the Igbo tribe of Nigeria is a corn meal made from wet corn starch, which requires a whole lot of processing before it can be made edible. Making the pap is a very tedious work, but she didn’t mind doing it all, provided it helped her finance her education.

Ebere Nwabuike

According to a reliable source, Ebere learnt and inherited the trade from her mother very early in life. When she saw her mother making pap on a regular basis, she never knew that she would need to do the trade someday to elevate her level in education. But when she reached that point in life where she needed to do something to get education, Ebere decided to be positive; notwithstanding the stresses involved in the task, notwithstanding the public shame associated with it, and notwithstanding the distractions it caused her, and guess what? Today, she’s a graduate of Agric Economics!

What an achievement! 

If Ebere had backed off because she had no help, who knows where misfortune would have taken her today. Upon every disappointment, the young business woman was able to save money from her trade and pay her way through school. Today, I’m sure she’s just as accomplished as every other person who made it through different challenges in life.

Thank you, Ebere for making us believe that if we really want something in our life, we can get it, only if we trust we can. Thank you for letting us know that there’s always light at the end of every tunnel.

On this International Women’s Day, we thought of presenting to you the inspiring story of a young girl who made it through her college all by herself because we believe that life is what we make of it, especially when we are hit by challenges. Had she taken the blow, she would have not reached here, and today, Ebere is one proud woman, who has done something for herself at such a young age. We wish her the best in life and hope she shines where ever she goes. More power to you girl!

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